Our Journey

After entering the Muslim wear market in 2006 with Mariamah, Marimaah is the logical next step in our incredible journey. Based on the unprecedented success enjoyed by Mariamah in Malaysia, Mariamah aims to provide smooth access to our products for our customers in the South East Asian region and Australia where our customers live. In the next few months inshaAllah, our UK site should be up and ready to cater to our customers in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Essentials by Mariamah is a new addition to our brand for hijabs and accessories that has become instantly popular. It is a good product of high quality design and affordable prices.

Mariamah will also be showcasing other fashion partners. They will be selected on the basis of quality and their style fitting in with our concept.

Mariamah.com is based on secure online purchases over the internet backed up with speedy delivery by courier service from our hub in Kuala Lumpur to your very doorstep. The Mariamah.com website is designed to be easy on the eye with a special focus on simplicity of use.