Established in 2006, Mariamah fills a gap in the Global Market for a much-needed line of contemporary modest clothing.
Due to the notable experience of the designer, lines are clean, timeless and relevant.
Mariamah has a following that transcends all age groups, from sixteen to sixty.

roxana Mariam

The founder and creative force behind Mariamah, with a Master’s degree in fashion design from the UK, she set up her own company DESIGO.
Here she has collaborated with different European brands and retail outlets such as Christian Fischbacher (Switzerland), The Glass House (UK), BOX Two (UK), Bombay Connection (UK); and in Asia, SAZABY (Japan) and evening wear for the Miss World Pageant.
With years of experience in the fashion industry, Roxana Mariam set out to create Mariamah for those, who like her, prefer not to compensate fashion for modest lines and comfort. Her styling stems from the idea of One World which crosses all boundaries of race and region.
‘Mariamah’ encompasses the student, the mother, working professional, adventurer, sportswoman, a leader in her essence everything Mariam herself represents; someone strong, her own person and doesn’t believe in conventional stereotypes.
She is a mother, student of language, an expert in her field, a black belt in Karate, businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and is now trying her hand at writing.
Being a product of a mixed-race marriage and living and travelling all over the world, she says that she is a product of fusion and therefore, naturally and with all honesty, can only create Fusion.


  • Fashion Exhibitions at HARROGATE, PURE, Top Drawer, UK; SIPPO Switzerland, CPD. Germany, IIF Malaysia

  • Invitation to join AMAED, the Malaysian group of designers for Modest Clothing, under the guidance of Dato Shah Reza, a well-known promoter of Modest Clothing internationally

  • KL Fashion Week at the Islamic Fashion Festival, Kuala Lumpur

  • Interviewed by the BBC UK, National Televised News Switzerland, Malaysian TV3, NTV 7, TV 9, and Reuters

  • Editorial in Deux Magazine (from Condé Nast)

  • Editorial in Period magazine